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The Redbox Service Package to Housing Developers

Our services are available from the very inception of a scheme perhaps when considering a site purchase. Equally, the enhancement and marketing of further-advanced schemes are fully catered for.

The Redbox Service Package to Housing Developers

Viability assessments and negotiation with Local Authorities
These 'early stage' services are geared to assist Developers in determining the likely impact of affordable housing requirements on a scheme's viability, taking account of strategic planning requirements, pricing levels of Housing Associations under varying tenure regimes, and other similar factors.  We are familiar with operating both bespoke and standard appraisal software required to justify viability discussions with Local Authorities.

We also work with Developers and Local Authorities to agree site-specific affordable housing arrangements under a Section 106 Agreement, which are acceptable to all parties and ensure that the housing is delivered.

Optimising design, specification, contracts and administrative arrangements
Drawing on experience gained from an involvement with hundreds of projects, we will help to optimise the affordable housing element of a scheme.

This achieves direct benefits for the Developer in ensuring that the designs and specifications adopted are the most cost-effective and appropriate to meet the actual requirements of a Housing Association and its customers/tenants.

Other factors of direct benefit to Housing Associations in terms of selling, letting or longer term management will also increase the value of the scheme to all parties' advantage.

Marketing to Housing Associations and the agreement of contract 'heads of terms'

Our relationships throughout the affordable housing sector are used to positive effect in our marketing of schemes, allowing us to identify Housing Associations to whom a scheme may be of particular interest.

The concise but comprehensive basis of our 'offer price enquiry' also ensures that Associations can price with certainty; with the scheme's content, design, specification, contractual arrangements, documentation provision and the like all tailored to meet any compliance requirements.

Finally, to the benefit of Developers and Housing Associations alike, we ensure liaison, up to the point of contracts being entered into, between Redbox Partnerships and the Housing Association's consultants.

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